Regional Offices (Functions)

TEMESA has regional offices spread across the country responsible for undertaking all mandated functions in respective regions. The regional offices are led by Regional Managers who have dual reporting. Functionally, regional managers report to the respective divisions/departments, and administratively to the Chief Executive.

The regional office will perform the following activities:

(i) Maintain TEMESA customers in the Regions

(ii) Manage and supervise all TEMESA activities.

(iii) Implement various plans of the Agency.

(iv) Project resource requirement for achieving proactive mission and objectives of the Agency.

(v) Develop and maintain schedules for maintenance activities of plant, equipment's electrical and electronics appliances of TEMESA customers and ensure their timely implementation.

(vi) Develop and maintain statistical data pertain to mechanical, electrical and electronic activities in the region for proper planning and implementation of the Agency's objectives/ functions.

(vii) Plan and organize proper handling of the registry by providing relevant furniture for safe custody of files and other relevant documents for office use.

(viii) Co-ordinate and control the cleaning of the office buildings, equipment's and surroundings.

(ix) Maximize efforts on matters that add value to the production, maintenance, ferry services, consultancy, equipment hire services and creative activities of the Agency.

(x) Co-ordinate and supervise all matters pertaining human resources, accounts and procurement.

(xi) Co-ordinate and supervise the implementation of the Agency's activities according to approved budget.

(xii) Plan, direct and control procurement, financial accounting operations of the Agency at regional level, prepare and submit reports to the Chief Executive.

(xiii) Prepare an submit plans, reports and any other information which may be required by the Head Office.

(xiv) Provide technical and maintenance services, technical advice and consultancy services in the field of electrical, mechanical and electronics engineering in the regions and where relevant provide equipment hire and ferry services in the regions.

(xv) Represent the Chief Executive at all regional and district meetings that require the input of the Chief Executive.