Regional Offices (Functions)

TEMESA has regional offices spread across the country responsible for undertaking all mandated functions in respective regions. The regional offices are led by Regional Managers who have dual reporting. Functionally, regional managers report to the respective divisions/departments, and administratively to the Chief Executive. The specific functions of the regional manager are as follows:

(a) Manage all TEMESA properties in the Regions

(b) Manage all customers of TEMESA in the Regions.

(c) Prepare and submit plans, reports and any other information which may be required by the head office.

(d) Provide Technical and maintenance services; Technical advice and Consultancy services in the fields of electrical, mechanical and electronics engineering in the Regions and where relevant provide equipment hire and ferry services in the Regions.

(e) Represent the Chief Executive at all Regional and District meeting that require the input of the Chief Executive.