Procurement Management Unit Functions

To provide expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services for the Agency.

The Unit will perform the following activities:

(i) Serve as secretary to Tender Board.

(ii) Prepare and update Annual Procurement Plan for the procurement of goods, works, non-consultancy and consultancy services.

(iii) Prepare monthly information used for the implementation of procurement plan for the Tender Board, management, user department and other stakeholders.

(iv) Ensure adherence to procurement process and procedures as per the Public Procurement Act and its regulations.

(v) Procure, maintain and manage supplies, materials and services to obtain the best value for money in terms of price, quality and delivery.

(vi) Ensure proper handling and storage, adequate and timely distribution of office supplies and materials.

(vii) Provide technical advice to management, Tender Board, user departments and other stakeholders on matters pertaining to procurement practice pursuant, procurement principles and procedures.

(viii) Play as a link between the Agency and PPRA on matters relating to procurement.

(ix) Prepare bid documents for the procurement of goods, works, non consultant services and disposal of assets as per regulations.

(x) Assist contract management and administration, including coordination of contracts as well as issuing of approved contracts.

(xi) Prepare and maintain fixed assets register of the Agency.