ICT and Statistics Unit Functions

To provide expertise and services on statistics and application of ICT to the Agency.

This unit will perform the following activities:

(i) Administer computer systems and update software.

(ii) Design and maintain Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN)

(iii) Install, configure and activate a new technology and communication services.

(iv) Advise on proper security of equipment and data by ensuring that equipment and systems are well secured.

(v) Maintain and update website application programs.

(vi) Coordinate development and maintenance of the Agency central database.

(vii) Facilitate the design of new systems, configure software packages according to user requirements, provide ongoing system enhancement and modification services.

(viii) Design, develop and maintain database products according to user specified needs.

(ix) Design ICT systems for data collection, processing, analysis storage and retrieval and manage installation, ope-rationalization and update.

(x) Provide advice on physical sites for computer system installations in order to provide a secure and safe environment, cabling systems and where relevant, network connections as well as setting up and maintaining the network infrastructure and required performance levels.

(xi) Facilitate e- Government and e-Bussiness operation for the Agency.