Human Resources and Administration Section

This section will perform the following activities:

(i) Interpret human resources policies and guidelines to both the Agency and employees with the view to harnessing standardized compliance to same and minimize conflicts or deviations for improved performance.

(ii) Oversee, review of all human resources records including pensions, promotions, transfers, termination using updated data for planning and decision making.

(iii) Administer employee recruitment and selection process through manpower requirement from all departments to fill in vacant positions in order to fill the Agency's goals.

(iv) Develop and maintain training programs including staff orientations, short and long trainings to foster standing and positive work attitude towards the Agency.

(v) Manage employees grievances in order to maintain good working relations by solving their queries in a view of maintaining harmony in the Agency.

(vi) Update the Agency's payroll in accordance with established guidelines and procedures.

(vii) Monitor and supervise the operation of Human Capital Information System (HCMIS) at the Agency.

(viii) Coordinate recruitment, selection, placement, confirmations and transfers of the Agency's staffs.

(ix) Coordinate human resources planning and development.

(x) Coordinate implementation of performance appraisal of staffs.

(xi) Oversee employees benefits entitlements including pension, allowances.

(xii) Organize proper handling of the registry by providing relevant furniture for safe custody of files and other relevant documents and coding same accordingly with a view to safeguard, upkeep and easy retrieval of documents for office use.

(xiii) Coordinate and control the cleaning of the office buildings equipment's and surroundings by providing relevant tools for use in sweeping, mopping, polishing floors, gardening and disposal of litter in order to maintain cleanliness of the office building, equipment and surroundings.