Core Values

TEMESA shall be defined by the following values which every member of staff shall uphold and demonstrate;

(i) Integrity: TEMESA management and staff deal with honesty and sincerity with fellow staff, TEMESA customers, government of Tanzania officials, all other stakeholders and with every individual and every organization. They do not accept or offer gifts or bribes of any value.

(ii) Teamwork: TEMESA management and staff recognize their interdependence and the mutual facilitative roles to enable the Agency to function and meets its mandate. They are commited to teamwork, working together and mutual facilitation to achieve the objectives.

(iii) Proffesionalism: TEMESA will ensure it adopts approaches that demonstrate proffesionalism in competency, character, attitude and conduct.

(iv) Accounability: TEMESA will ensure it becomes accountable to its stakeholders and to the nation in the execution of the mandate and responsibility bestowed upon the authority.

(v) Transparency: TEMESA will ensure transparent in all their activities and dealings and be ready for public scruitiny. In order to achieve this, the Agency will ensure that there are financial and non-financial additional and voluntary disclosures for all its dealings.