Marketing & Public Relations Unit

The unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining mutual beneficial relationship between the Agency and the public.

The unit will perform the following activities;

(i) Develop and implement strategic public relation programs in order to achieve significant increases in Agency´s services awareness.

(ii) Establish overall public relations goals of the Agency.

(iii) Advice on the development, design, implementation and evaluation of information materials,programs, projects and other outreach of the Agency.

(iv) Carry out market surveys, develop and execute marketing plan.

(v) Promote TEMESA products and services.

(vi) Carry out market reseach and market inteligence to enhance marketing issues.

(vii) Coordinate all public relation activities.

(viii) Manage media inquiries and interview request.

(ix) Develop and review varieties of promotional, publicity advertising plans and informational materials and direct the distribution of information for the appropriate medium.

(x) Manage crisis communications and establish appropriate protocols for crisis communications for the Agency.

(xi) Maintain and update information on the Agency´s website and social media sites.