Director of Business Support Services (DBSS)

The Director will perform the following functions:

(i) To oversee planning and budgeting matters at the Agency.

(ii) To formulate various plans for the Agency and ensure their implementation and periodic review.

(iii) To project resource requirement for achieving the objectives of the Agency.

(iv) To ensure structures and processes that support the mission, goals and activities of the Agency.

(v) To maximize efforts on matters that add value to the production, maintenance, ferry services, consultancy, equipment hire services and creative activities of the Agency.

(vi) To plan, direct and control the financial accounting operations of the Agency.

(vii) To plan, develop, review working instruments of the Agency including but not limited to scheme of service, staff regulations, motivations schemes, succession plan;

(viii) To ensure proper human resources management and training.

(ix) To supervise, direct and provide advice on all matter pertaining to finance, accounting and planning including funds and other Assets of the Agency.