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Posted On: July 20, 2020

The government through the Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics Services Agency (TEMESA) is expected to complete the construction of three new ferries by August this year. This was revealed when the Chairman of the Agency's Advisory Board, Professor Idrissa Mshoro, visited to see the construction of two of the three ferry terminals under construction at Songoro Yard in Ilemela, Mwanza Region. During the visit, Professor Mshoro also had the opportunity to inspect the ongoing renovations at the regional garage located in Igogo area in Mwanza.

Speaking during the visit, Professor Mshoro said the construction of the ferries should have been completed earlier this year but due to the challenge of Covid19 disease it caused the border to close and thus prevent the replacement of equipment from countries that had been affected by the disease.

"Completion of these ferries, the Kayenze Bezi ferry that is currently providing services, Bugorola Ukara, Chato Nkome and Mafia Nyamisati will provide a great recovery for the people of the respective areas", said Professor Mshoro where he also thanked the fifth phase government of Tanzania for continuing to provide funds that enable the implementation of various development projects including ferries and garage upgrades.

The representative of Mwanza Regional Commissioner Statistician Ms Suzan Ndunguru thanked the government for continuing to give priority to the people of Mwanza by continuing to bring them closer to the water transport service.

Similarly, the Director of Songoro Marine Company, Major Songoro noted that the installation of the engine has already been completed in the ferries and so by the end of August this year all ferries will be ready to be submerged for inspection so that they can start work immediately. He also used the opportunity to thank His Excellency the President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli for continuing to trust patriotic companies including Songoro and continue to bring development to the people in general.

Earlier, at a workshop in Mwanza region, Chief Executive Officer of the Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics Services Agency (TEMESA) Engineer Japhet Y. Maselle, reading a report on garage renovations, said the Agency has started phasing out its garages in order to change the appearance and eliminate wear and tear.

These are the Mwanza regional garage whose renovation is ongoing and is being carried out by the Corporation Sole Works Superintendent Mwanza branch, the Mbeya regional garage which is being carried out by the Corporation Sole Works Superintendent Dar es Salaam branch, Dodoma garage, Dar es Salaam garage, MT. Depot garage and Singida regional garage.

"We are very grateful to His Excellency the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Magufuli for providing all the money that was planned in the budget for the financial year 2019/2020 2.1 billion shillings for the renovation and improvement of the garage ", said the Chief Executive. He added that the Agency has set up a District level garage in Same District, Ifakara Town Council (Kilombero) in Morogoro Region and Kahama Shinyanga. District level garages are also expected to be added in Simanjiro and Masasi Districts.

In terms of ferries, Engineer Maselle noted that by December 2019 the government had provided 13 billion shillings for the purchase of new ferries, ferry ramps and ferry infrastructures.

"The Bugorola Ukara ferry has reached 80% where when completed it will cost 4.2 billion shillings, the Chato - Nkome ferry will cost 3.1 billion shillings and it has reached 80%, the Kayenze - Bezi ferry has been completed and started work from May 2020 and has cost one billion shillings. 2.7, Mafia - Nyamisati ferry has reached 70% and costs 5.3 billion shillings ”said the Chief Executive.

Engineer Maselle concluded by saying that the ferries are now expected to be completed by August this year after contractor M / S Songoro Marine Transport Ltd of Mwanza extended the construction of the ferries due to the Covid19 pneumonia which caused the construction to halt due to delays in logistics from abroad.